At F.C. Helsinki 2020, we want your participant to get the most out their experience with us. We strongly recommend that your participant brings the following items. If your participant arrives at the venue without the compulsory items (marked *) we regret that they will not be permitted to take part and payment will not refound for it.


We recommend football boots (studs or moulds), Astroturf trainers or trainers.


Depending on the length of your participant's course, a healthy lunch is important for your participant to maintain good energy levels. Skill Development and Participant Progression groups will have a 1 hour break for lunch. All groups will also break for a snack mid-morning (including Billy's Beginners).


Depending on the age, adequate ball size. The teams will provide material to practice but is always good to bring balls for individual practice.


Shin pads are compulsory for each participant. Without shin pads, your participant will not be able to take part. If your participant does not currently own shin pads, you can purchase shin pads from our Club shop or online store.


We cannot guarantee regular access to water at some venues, therefore it is important to ensure that your participant stays well hydrated by providing plenty of water for the day.


If your participant is a goalkeeper, or is booked on to a goalkeeping course, then it is compulsory to bring goalkeeping gloves. We will not be able to provide these at our courses.


We recommend that you provide your participant with sun cream, particularly during summer courses, as participants may be out in the sun for a few hours each day.


Our activities take place at a range of indoor and outdoor venues. The venue is typically advertised during the booking process. Very occasionally we are subject to last minute changes, meaning we may have to move from an indoor venue to outdoors, or vice-versa. Therefore please ensure your participant has appropriate provision for different weather conditions.

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