F.C. Helsinki 2020
F.C. Helsinki 2020

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In the middle of the logo a modern football in white and black colors. Represent our favourite sport.

Name of the club, F.C. Helsinki 2020. The city name in capital letters with strong black color. and also the blue color in F.C. (Football Club) and 2020 (foundation year) representing the color in Finnish flag.

Golden stars around the football symbolice the power of our sport to make cohesion between different cultures and countries. Also symbolice European Union.

Golden laurel, symbol of football tradition and glory.

Olympic Stadium tower represents the sportive spirit,city icon, and the knowledge that to reach the top is only possible if you make the effort to climb.


Constant Learning

enjoying the process



We are a multilingual and omnicultural.

We are harness the city’s great history and unmatched culture and values,

to create new traditions, rituals, and symbols that are admired around the world.

We dream with the idea to develop football that is as creative, exciting, unique, and multicultural as we are. Football that makes people everywhere wish they could be here.


In F.C. Helsinki we know that we live in a world in dizzying and continuous change, but also knowing that the fundamental values ​​and pillars prevail.

We believe in the development of talent and creativity, but also in the importance of discipline and granting us essential standards for living together in harmony.

Helsinki is movement, move with us. fchelsinki@gmail.com







The Freedom to dream, the freedom to play and support with passion and pride. 

Generosity as a capacity to do extra effort when is needed. 

Humility as a virtue that consists in knowing one's own limitations

Unity representes our inclusive spirit.

Enthusiasm as a positive mentallity  and joy for playing and being part.

Success represents our commitment to opportunity and good fortune for all, on and off the pitch.


Our club starts in 2020 from below, with the idea of ​​providing the opportunity to play soccer to anyone who wants to learn, to everyone who has lost motivation in the past to play for any reason, and to anyone who wants to make a effort to improve and grow with us.

Agence France-Presse wrote: "True Olympic spirit is often found away from gold medallists with their agents and sponsorship deals, it is found in its purest sense in those that come last." 

The Olympic spirit: the effort, the struggle, his refusal to give up"

The Finnish Football Association's long process to win the football Super Cup final in Finland was sealed on Monday when the European Football Association Uefa awarded the 2022 final to Helsinki. The final venue will be the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Traditionally, the Super Cup meets in August, with last spring's Champions League and European League winning teams. The renewed Olympic Stadium played a significant role in giving Helsinki the final place. Our F.C. Helsinki 2020 we are proud to commemorate the biggest city sport symbol and the first year than Finland has qualify to play the Eurocup in his history as well.

The new Olympic Stadium in Helsinki will host the 2022 Super Cup.

Photo: Vesa Moilanen / Leaf photo

helsinki is playing now, play with us

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